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What Is 2D Animation?

2D animation creates movement in a two-dimensional artistic space. Work in the field of 2D animation requires both creativity and technological skills. Read on to learn about education and career information related to this artistic practice.


2D Animation Defined

2D animation focuses on creating characters, storyboards, and backgrounds in two-dimensional environments. Often thought of as traditional animation, the figures can move up and down, left, and right. They do not appear to move toward or away from the viewer, as they would in 3D animation. 2D animation uses bitmap and vector graphics to create and edit the animated images and is created using computers and software programs, such as Adobe Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, and Encore. These animations may be used in advertisements, films, television shows, computer games, or websites.


Animated video production prices – 2D 3D animation guide pricing £ € $


How much?


Of course, you want to know “how much?”. Our animation projects tend to sit in the £2000 to £9000 range.

However, one price doesn’t fit all. Video production is scalable, depending on the production elements you choose to include. We’ll help you prioritise the elements that make sense for your goals and your budget.


Next step

 The best way to find out more is to talk through your project.

So, give us a call on 9677985383 / 9940589692  and we can work through the details or drop us an email @ info@accessgroups.in


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