Toll Free Number

Toll Free Number Services

We offer Toll Free number with a smart Call Management System [our cloud based PBX system, ACCESS GROUPS] to help small companies generate more business and project a bigger and professional image. Route your Toll Free Number instantly to any number. Now you can answer the call on your cell phone, home phone or from a phone in another country.

Here is a system which needs no setup or maintenance and still gets you customers at as low as Rs.2 /new customer!! 

Manage and maintain your customers call record automatically.

  • SMS Text Notification
  • Instant Activation
  • Complete Tracking
  • No Set-up fees
  • International Toll free

Smart Toll-Free Number

  • Attract more customers by letting them call for free
  • Connect callers to personalized professional IVR
  • Keep track of all leads and follow up for business

Marketing and Customer Care

  • No hardware or software setup required at any step
  • Get entire service and maintenance from ACCESS INFO MEDIA PVT LTD
  • Overall tracking, reporting and recording of all calls

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